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Exfocream - The Essential Scrub Cream

Revamp your beauty routine to make you feel better.


Avocascrub is perfect for those who battle with their dead skin and have sensitive/dry skin.

The avocado has an incredible nourishing, revitalizing and protective effect.


Cocoboost is enriched with Omega 9 naturally present in the coco oil - ideal for dry skin and also for restoring skin elasticity.

The vitamin E contained in our Cocoboost, literally BOOST skin regeneration.


Sheafoliating is simple, it consists mainly of shea butter and aloe extract, 2 perfect ingredients to give radiance to your skin and to make it soft.

Scrubbing in the shower, instantly feel better !

Exfocream the next #1 cream for exfoliating experience ! 


Exfocream instructions for use:

  1. Apply on wet skin for daily exfoliation
  2. Massage gently the area to be treated
  3. Rinse with cold water for better tone

Each bottle contains 8.8oz



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

At the end of each day I remove my makeup with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes and I follow it by washing my face with this wonderful scrub. It has just the right amount of "grit" to exfoliate and to make my face feel soft and clean. The product has a generous size and since you only use a dime size portion, it lasts a long time. My final steps are to wash with Philosophy's Purity and then moisturize. This combo-process seems to be the right one for me and keeps my skin in pretty good shape for a mum who loves the sun and the outdoors!


I love this product.....used it for half a year now. It is a good for removal of dead facial skin. I have very sensitive skin but this product really works, even for older ladies.


My face is marginally better and I never had any redness or bad side effects. I do feel a little pain if I rub to hard and it feels like someone just put sand in a rubbery soft puddy. I would recommend this to people with sensitive skin.


Upon receiving this product, my first impression was nothing but positive- the texture and consistency of the product is smooth, yet cleansing...and most importantly- finely grained, and not harsh.

I have been using the touch microdermabrasion scrub for a few weeks now, and I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin. I have damaged, but sensitive skin, and was looking to purchase a facial scrub that would cleanse, but be gentle on my skin.

This product deeply cleansed my skin, but didn’t irritate or dry my face out at all. After using, my skin feels so much smoother and brighter. I have also seen a drastic improvement on my blackheads and inflammation from acne. I have added it as a permanent staple to my skincare routine, using twice a week before toner and moisturizer. I would recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin, but needs a good exfoliation to rid the skin of the effects from makeup and blocked pores.


I love this product. I used a small amount as a facial scrub every other day after cleansing my face. It leaves my skin soft, supple and free of dead skin cells. I did not experience any negative reaction whatsoever.